7 Best Robot Vacuums Of 2022


It can hold up to 60 days of debris and looks easy on the eye compared to other bases — plus it’s more compact too. This robot vacuum scored well for collecting large debris, such as cereal and kitty litter, collecting 98.33 and 94.6% respectively. We’ve seen better performances on pet hair, but the score was still a respectable 82.5%. Ultimately, this is a great investment if your pets are prone to accidents and you want to avoid further mess.


  • Just like its dustbin capacity, a robot vacuum won’t be of any use if it dies midway into cleaning your living room.
  • Stick vacuums are handy devices that place the dust canister at the top of the stick, where it’s easily accessible.
  • The ability of the rubber main brush to float to meet uneven surfaces sets this robot vacuum apart from the competition.
  • The best bang for your buck if you want a self-emptying robot, the Roomba i3 Plus cleans as well as the j7.
  • It can also resume a cleaning session from where it left off if it needed to return to its docking station to recharge.
  • Its defining feature is supposed to be its strong suction, with two turbines pulling 2,000 pascals each (whereas most laser-nav bots have a single turbine and less than 2,500 pascals of suction total).

If you schedule it to run every few days, or even every day, dust and crumbs never have a chance to accumulate, leaving your floors feeling cleaner than they would without a bot. We can’t pinpoint one spec or feature that helps a robot navigate well—we just have to test the bots and see how they do. Some cheap, dead-simple bots are incredibly nimble, while certain high-end models struggle constantly. But for the most part, modern robots are pretty good at this, and many models now give you the option to draw invisible boundaries around problematic areas using a smartphone app. Besides, most good robots at all prices are pretty good at avoiding bot-trapping obstacles. And bot owners tend to get in the habit of picking up the kinds of floor-bound clutter that can create a problem—toys, shoes, laundry, even certain lightweight floor mats—so that the robot can work effectively.

An Option That Does It All: Vacuum, Mop, Wash And Dry


After methodically covering our test floors, the Shark positioned itself back on the dock and emptied every speck it picked up. And not only did it pick up what we put down, but it went back to nab one straggler that it missed on its first pass. Flexible bristles and fins prevent the hair tangles we see on other robots. The dust bin is extra-large to hold more debris and is easy to remove and empty; its sealed HEPA system is a plus for allergy sufferers. Through the SharkClean app, you can customize cleaning to better match your home and needs.

Best Robot Vacuums To Clean Pet Hair, Hardwood Floors And More

But the Roomba’s design helps it work better on rugs, especially when it needs to pick up a lot of hair. The Roomba 694 also has a dirt-detection system, which helps the bot reliably clean the most obvious piles of debris, as long as it encounters that pile on its semi-random travels. Many of these laser-navigation bots have similar specs, designs, and behaviors, and there’s no clear evidence to suggest that some are more reliable or durable than the others. Just like other types of vacuum, many of the best robot vacuums in this list, and other models we've tested, are effective at collecting pet hair as well as fine dust and larger debris from floors. Not only is the modestly priced Eufy Robovac G30 Edge robot vacuum a very good cleaner, but it's a very quiet one, too.

IRobot Roomba I7+: Most Powerful Suction, Ideal For Pet Hair

We’re careful to note how long our top robotic vacuums take to charge and how much real estate they can cover before they need to return to base. We test exactly how good each robotic vacuum is at cleaning up various sizes of particles, from fine dust all the way to spilled breakfast cereal. We pay close attention to the real-world navigation capabilities of each robotic vacuum to ensure it can clean all the spaces under furniture and in corners. However, it builds on this with an Auto-Empty Station and will empty the on-board 14.2oz / 420ml dust canister automatically into a disposable bag after every clean. So you only have to worry about emptying the robot vacuum once a month or so.

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We’re more uneasy about what companies may do with collected information in the future, like selling it to third parties. The makers of our current picks don’t sell data for now, but privacy policies are always changing. But you won’t be able to use interactive mapping features without an internet connection. If you decide to sell or give away a Wi-Fi robot, be sure to factory reset it to remove Wi-Fi credentials. Eufy makes several RoboVac models built on the same base as the 11S, plus extra features.